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As Allied Health Professionals, we are experienced in using evidence-based coaching and counselling techniques such as Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Counselling, and we use Behavioural Activation techniques to support our clients in making meaningful changes to their routine, exploring their career options, and creating goals with actionable steps to take as they prepare for their return-to-work post injury or illness.

We use a Holistic Biopsychosocial Model incorporating active listening and empathetic understanding of the client’s specific situation and circumstances to allow service adaptation. We go beyond the cookie-cutter approach to job seeking to help people achieve social, psychological, and physical well-being through our coaching and vocational counselling services, setting them up for success.

As Career Coaches we focus on career exploration and find by assessing personality, career values and anchors, transferable skills, work history, and educational experience we can help people identify their unique skills set and strengths. This allows us not only to identify suitable employment but also both meaningful and sustainable return to work options. We truly believe when a person is motivated to reach their employment goals, they can achieve success.

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