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Pro ME offers a variety of tailored services to help you develop a more complete understanding of your strengths, unique experiences, and relevant abilities that will help you stand out and sell your skills to the right employer. We are here to help you to create a personal brand you can be proud of; from your application documents, to wowing employers at an interview or your current manager, and progressing into your next career move.

Check out our individual and business packages to see how we help you achieve your goals! Or customize your own package with the services below.

All  support can be provided by a combination of phone, email, virtual or face to face meetings to meet your needs.

If you’re keen to advance in your career but don’t think you can afford our services, contact us anyway to see what we can work out!

  • Comprehensive Resume Creation, Review and Advice

    Your resume is a very important document. It is the main way you can communicate your relevant skills and experience to potential employers. Pro ME specialises in the creation of student’s first, industry standard, industry transition, leadership focused, and executive resumes. We use a combination of Chronological, Hybrid (Combination), and Targeted resumes to suit your needs.

    Standard Professional Resume (1-2 pages): $440
    Manager/Leadership/Executive Resume: $660

  • Cover Letter Review and Advice

    A well written, clear and concise cover letter is the key to success for many job applicants. We understand what employers want to see and can help you to better understand the key things most employers want too! Pro ME helps you to highlight your achievements, demonstrate your fit, and stand out and move into the next round of the recruitment process. We can help you create a sample cover letter, tailored cover letter, or can review and provide advice to already existing documents you have available, depending on your needs and confidence in this area.

    Review, Advice and Update of Current Cover Letter Document: $140
    Sample Cover Letter: $165
    Targeted Cover Letter: $190

  • LinkedIn Review and Advice

    With the current job market, developing your personal brand and online presence is more important now than ever before! Your personal brand will include your unique set of skills and experiences, and will make up how you present yourself to potential employers including your social media and Linked In profile. Pro ME reviews your current profile, and provides detailed information to help you make the updates to better promote your skills via online platforms.

    LinkedIn Account Creation and Coaching: $495

  • Interview Coaching

    If you made it to the interview you are already half-way there! However, not many people really understand exactly what they need to do to put their best foot forward in an interview. Pro ME offers two types of coaching sessions to ensure you are able to promote your skills and past experience in the most positive light. Having provided coaching to hundreds of people over the years, we are positive we can help you improve in this area too. Practice makes perfect, so consider a mock interview with a constructive feedback session to help you ensure you can ace your next interview.

    Basic Interviewing Skills Session: $250
    Includes: How to best prepare for your upcoming interviews, basic understanding of behavioural based interview methods, review of sample interview questions to help you tailor your responses and stand out from the crowd.

    Comprehensive Interviewing Skills Session: $385
    Includes: All content from the basics skills session; plus more information, examples and advanced understanding of behavioural based interviewing techniques (STAR Method), and how to be successful in an assessment centre or group interview situation.

    Mock Interview and Feedback Session: $385
    Pro ME can assist you with practicing for a general industry interview or help you in relation to a specific vacancy/role you have identified; we then we review your responses and help you to tailor your answers in a feedback session.

  • Career Counselling, Consulting, and Career Advancement Sessions

    Pro ME uses a combination of structured discussion and motivational interviewing techniques to help you reflect on past experiences and consider your career journey up until this point. We then review your current career anchors and help you to discover and move toward your ideal career, using behavioural activation and goal setting strategies. We help you develop a career pathway plan, setting specific short term, medium and long term goals that can be reviewed ongoing as you progress in your career journey.

    Per Session: $275 (up to 90 minutes per session)

  • Networking Skills Coaching

    Who has heard that ‘it’s who you know, not what you know?’ This can be true in some instances, and learning how to fully understand, build, and use your existing network effectively could be the key to your success. Networking is a very important and useful skill that has the potential to set you on track to achieve your career goals. Pro ME can help you learn skills to build your network and succeed.

    Networking Coaching Session:  $250

  • Pay Negotiation Coaching

    It is pretty common knowledge that people do not like to ask for a pay raise. In fact, Seek reports 75% of Australian workers aged 18-64 have never asked for one during their career! People want their employers to recognise their work and have it remunerated without asking. But often it is the people who know their value and worth and make a request who see the biggest salary gains. Pro ME can help you to reflect on why you deserve a raise, consider the timing of when / who to ask, plan a presentation to prove your value, and come across to your employer as both assertive and professional. Could some coaching in this area help you get that increase you deserve?

    Pay Negotiation Coaching Session: $250

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