Meet the Team

  • Olivia Salvitti

    My vision is to create a positive movement in the way people accelerate in their careers. I have seen and experienced first hand the impact a satisfying role has on living a happy and meaningful life and believe anyone can achieve this. I was lucky enough to identify my own strengths, goals and career focus at a young age and wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the career mentors I met along the way, guiding me onto the right path. One’s career path isn’t linear and that’s the beauty of it – if you approach your goals with openness and optimism you will be presented with a range of opportunities.

    Following completing my Bachelor of Health Science, I obtained my Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling at La Trobe University. Through working at multiple employers, both private and government, I have assisted a wide range of people and businesses to overcome complex barriers to achieve their personal and vocational goals. I have worked with varying clients; ranging from individuals wanting a career change, to someone who has not been able to work for 15 years due to sustaining a severe injury from a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury.

    I am most passionate about building relationships with people and gaining an in-depth understanding of their drivers and the life they envision for themselves. I incorporate a range of counselling techniques to empower you to set and achieve realistic career goals, as well overcoming the emotional barriers that roadblock your journey to living a meaningful life.

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  • Sarah Simmons

    I enjoy and have a passion for working with students and young adults, who are starting out and need help to figure out how they will make the leap into their first professional role. I love working with the mature aged folks who might already know, or still have no idea, exactly where they want to be and need some support to get there. I enjoy working with women and parents who are trying to figure out how career life will look and affect their family moving forward.  Being a parent myself, I found my initial return to the workforce overwhelming. I know personally how much some additional support can make a huge difference to build confidence and find the perfect return to (paid) work option.

    I started my career services journey when I was a student myself working as a peer mentor in the Career Services Centre at Sonoma State University in California.  It was here that I first discovered my passion for helping people identify and work towards their educational and career goals. Since then; I have worked in university career and womens’ centres, across various roles as an employment and vocational consultant in both the mental health and occupational rehabilitation sectors. I have also worked as a manager, leading high performing and successful teams. I bring over 15 years of combined experience helping people overcome barriers, identify their strengths, and gain new employment. I hold a Master of Social Work, Bachelors of Psychology, and a Graduate Certificate in Careers Education and Development.

    On top of that, I love to watch people learn new strategies to gain the skills and become a confident career decision maker. I centre my sessions around discussion, engagement, and bring genuine curiosity to learn about you and your path up until this point. Through discussion and reflection you will uncover your passion points and build confidence to express your skills, attributes, and desires to the right employer. I believe in giving honest, meaningful, and constructive feedback. I will challenge you to think about things differently and hold you accountable to identify and reach your goals. I can not wait to work with you!

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  • Laura Matthews

    My passion lies in effecting positive changes in clients’ lives, supporting their return to meaningful activity and work. As an accomplished rehabilitation consultant with extensive experience in both senior management and direct client services; I am dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for individuals, employers, and insurers by ensuring a seamless transition back to employment post-illness or disability. My background includes 7 years in a leadership role at a leading Victorian occupational rehabilitation provider, and 8 years dedicated to providing rehabilitation services to Life Insurance customers.

    I go beyond the surface, considering not only the physical aspects but also the mental and social factors that play a crucial role in the return-to-work process. This holistic planning approach allows me to provide comprehensive solutions, fostering successful workplace reintegration. What sets me apart is my proactive, collaborative, and responsive approach. I’m dedicated to delivering professional services that make a tangible difference in the lives of clients. My goal is to support individuals in returning to meaningful work and activities, promoting lasting positive change.

    I pride myself on being down-to-earth, warm, and collaborative. I believe in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for my clients, ensuring they feel heard and supported throughout their journey towards wellness and employment.

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