The Pro ME Difference

Work makes up so much of our lives, shaping a big part of our identity. Now more than ever before work must encompass health and happiness to live life with meaning and purpose. If you’re looking for career coaches who have a holistic approach to guiding your career journey, then look no further.

As allied health professionals and career counsellors we know life circumstances, experiences, interests, and goals are fluid and change with different seasons of life. Understanding how to navigate your career over time will help you continue to work in meaningful and fulfilling roles. We incorporate a range of techniques and counselling frameworks to help you identify your skills, experience, and goals in a new light.

So, let’s get to know you and develop a collaborative partnership to guide you in the next phase of a thriving, fulfilling career.

Our Point of Difference:

  • Different to others you might come across we bring a combination of Allied Health and Career Counselling backgrounds and qualifications; confidently supporting people considering your physical and mental health

  • We work outside of typical working hours – so you can make an appointment that suits you from 7am-7pm Monday to Friday and some Saturdays

  • Ask us about our payment plans. You only pay 50% of your service up front to ensure fit with your career coach

  • We get sometimes virtual is the best solution, so we have both MS Teams and Zoom options

  • Something last minute comes up and you need to reschedule?  No problem, we are flexible as long as given notice we will work something out, you won’t lose your money or the session (see our policies for full details)