5 July 2021

It’s all about your personal brand!

What is your personal brand? Does having an effective personal brand improve your career opportunities? A personal brand is your set of unique skills and experience that make up who you are to the outside world. Like it or not – everyone has…

5 June 2021

Getting your hard work recognised.

Why doesn’t my manager recognise me? What do I need to do to get a promotion? There are no opportunities for me at this job? What’s the point of doing extra work when no one recognises? Why do they always get noticed at work?

These questions are quite common from our clients, and although at times workplaces are not in a position to offer new challenges to their employees – there is always a chance to be proactive and create your own opportunities!

5 May 2021

Five ways to reframe your mindset when you don’t get along with your co-workers.

Admit it – we all have someone at work we can’t stand! SO, you really have two choices: resign (tad extreme but would work) OR find a way to work with them and surprisingly the second option ends up better than it sounds.

5 April 2021

Navigating your new-job-jitters.

Applying, interviewing, and then starting a new job brings about a whole rollercoaster of emotions – new team members, new managers, different environments, and lots of learning to do (no pressure, right?). As much as you are excited and proud of this wonderful achievement it is very normal to feel overwhelmed and sometimes even doubt your own abilities. These feelings will pass but it’s going to take time and you need to be patient and kind to yourself.

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