Student Career Support

Pro ME works with you to achieve career success as you start to navigate the world of work. We empower you with the skills, so you become experts in your own career journey. We help you put together a plan and find work, providing a range of opportunities and resources to ensure you maximize your employment prospects.

If you’re keen to work with us but don’t think you can afford our services, contact us anyway! We have payment plan options to meet your needs at a price you can afford.

  • Clarify my future career direction (includes Morrisby Online Profile Assessment)

    The Morrisby Profile is an interactive online assessment tool which provides detailed insights to help you better understand your aptitudes, interests, and personality as you explore and research potential career pathways.

    Whether you are a student unsure about what subjects, courses, or career paths to consider; or an adult looking for a change and need help identifying new pathways, the Morrisby Profile is a comprehensive tool that can help!

    Pro ME Career Coaches use the information provided to support clients in their exploring options and making informed careers decisions.


    What You'll Get:

    • Undertake the Morrisby Assessment Online (Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete)
    • Attend a session with your Career Counsellor to understand your results and provide you with valuable insights to interpret your reports
    • Lifelong access to your account with key resources to continue to exploration
    • Update your results based on changes in your career status or life circumstances
    • Reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive reports and information with a high degree of transparency


    Up to 2 hours to complete the Morrisby Assessment

    1 hour unpacking session with your Career Coach

    Price: $275

  • Help me land a full time / part time or causal job (Resume, Cover Letter, and References)

    Congratulations! You are ready to enter the world of work with your current skills and knowledge. This package is designed to give you the confidence to competitively enter the job market and successfully land a role. We help you to create a winning resume, while enhancing your social media profile, networking skills, and gain interview confidence to make sure you stand out to employers.

    What You'll Get:

    • Unpack your experience, identify your transferable skills, and create a best practice and tailored resume
    • A template customisable cover letter with best practice advice to make a big impact every time
    • Build a networking strategy to increase your job prospects
    • Choose one of the following additional services; interview coaching, pay negotiation, or LinkedIn creation


    2 hours of coaching over 4 weeks

    Price: $600

    Optional Follow-up Career Consultations (1 hour): $200.00  

  • Placement for Rehab Counselling / Allied Health Graduates

    You’re a student studying Rehabilitation Counselling or Allied Heath / Health Science specialty looking for placement but not sure where to start. Look no further, we are here to ensure your placement choice compliment your career goals, interests, personality, and strengths. This package will set you on the right path as you start you shape your professional brand.

    What You'll Get:

    • Explore the job placements available and determine which suits your strengths, capabilities, and interests
    • Confidently identify and promote your transferable skills targeted toward your placement and future career options
    • Build a networking strategy to increase your placement opportunities
    • Create a career plan to maximize your chances of gaining employment post placement


    1. 5 hour coaching session

    Price: $350

    Optional Follow-up Career Consultations (1 hour): $200.00  

  • Build Your Own Student Pro-ME Package

    If you don’t feel like you fit into one of our pre-packaged services, you can build your own!

    For students we suggest you contact us for the free 30 minute consultation so we can help you craft your perfect package. Ideally you’ll select at least two services, though you can select as many as you would like! See our Services page for additional information on the benefits of each service.

    Please note: We have payment plans available and are happy to have a chat about how to provide you support, even if cost seems unachievable right now. We can create specific quotes for service based on need as we aim to individualise our services.

    Contact us to discuss your needs and plan your package today!


    • Resume

      First Professional Resume (1 page document): $275

    • Cover Letter Support Services

      Sample Cover Letter (with advice to target for future applications): $165

    • LinkedIn Support

      LinkedIn Account Creation and Coaching: $495

    • Interview Skills Coaching

      Basic Interviewing Skills Session: $250
      Comprehensive Interviewing Skills Session: $385
      Mock Interview and Feedback Session: $385

    • Career Counselling, Consulting, and Career Advancement Session

      Per Session: $275 (up to 90 minutes per session)

    • Networking Coaching

      Networking Coaching Session: $250 (1.5 hours per session)

    • Pay Negotiation Coaching

      Pay Negotiation Coaching Session: $250 (1.5 hours per session)

    • Retraining Guidance and Support

      Retraining Session: $385

    • Educational and School Subject Selection Advice

      Educational and School Subject Selection Advice: $385

    Invest in Yourself:

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