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Our mission is to help people explore their strengths, develop their personal brand, feel empowered to identify their dream role, and ultimately achieve their career goals.


We love people.


We do what we say.


Achieving goals.


Finding the right fit.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I approached Sarah for help when I was applying for a competitive scholarship from the Australian government ... I was nervous having never been formally interviewed before, but Sarah’s advice and assistance made me feel significantly more prepared and confident. I was awarded the scholarship and believe it was largely due to the confidence I gained working with Sarah.

    — Courtney, The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program 2019 Recipient

  • Olivia was so skilled and knew just how to help me have a difficult conversation with my employer ... I needed a pay rise and she helped me highlight my achievements and put my best foot forward when negotiating with my employer. I am so happy I was able to practice what to say and improve my negotiation skills; which helped me to achieve my goal! Thank you for the great service provided!

    — Ella, Health Consultant

  • I had excellent dealings with Olivia when I recently contacted Pro Me to assist with applying for a new job. Olivia really helped me manage the stress of preparing the job application and put my mind at ease. She was extremely knowledgeable and provided timely and thorough advice on my resume and key selection criteria. Olivia was able to provide me with very up to date information and evidence around designing a modern resume, which I had no idea about! As such, Olivia was able to assist in refreshing my resume to really make it stand out. Olivia also provided tailored advice for my key selection criteria; she took the time to understand my education and employment history, she clearly understood the role I was applying for and how I could best highlight my skills to stand out as a candidate. Thanks to Olivia I was able to secure an interview!

    — Jacqui, Psychologist

  • I had a lovely experience with Olivia. She assisted me in putting together a professional resume aligned with the requirements of my profession, as well as helping me market myself to matched employers. There were things she taught me that I had no idea about such as creating a strong online profile and tips to make myself more visible to potential employers. Job seeking can be a tough process and Olivia’s support was invaluable in ensuring I was doing everything I could to put myself in front of the right employers. Thank you for your help, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pro Me to other professionals who are looking for the right job.

    — Riana, Psychologist

  • Pro Me assisted me greatly in taking the next steps in my career, empowering me to successfully obtain my desired position. Their services were affordable and they showed a genuine interest in getting to know me and my goals. When I am ready for the next step in my career I will definitely be getting Pro Me's help again :) Thanks again guys

    — Ryan, Occupational Therapist

  • I am so impressed with my Pro Me experience! I used their services to help me apply for a very competitive summer internship. Sarah helped me revise and organize my CV to highlight my specific qualifications, followed by interview training. I was shocked by how much it improved my interviewing skills! I was awarded the position and I could not recommend these services enough! It was a fantastic experience and I learned so much.

    — Ivy

  • I highly recommend Pro Me, and in particular their career counselling. It was refreshing to receive a career pathways service totally focused on my needs. I found it extremely helpful. Thanks Olivia and Pro Me.

    — Lynda

  • Sarah was prompt and cheerful with her communication! She offered specific and novel feedback, not tired cliches. Thanks to her help with my CV and cover letter I was hired as a Child Protection Practitioner. I would absolutely recommend her services!

    — Abigail

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