Pro ME Career Counselling
(Career Identification, Exploration, or Transition)


What You'll Get:

What You'll Give:

When you are looking to explore your career options or make a career transition, this is the service for you

  • Reflect on past experiences to fully consider your career journey up until this point, we use a combination of structured discussion, career exploration tools, motivational interviewing techniques and narrative counselling strategies
  • We review your current career goals, values, and strengths to help you set your target to be meaningful and achievable, we further help you to discover and move toward your ideal career using behavioural activation techniques
  • Develop a career pathway plan, setting specific short term, medium, and long-term goals that can be reviewed ongoing as you progress in your career journey
  • Explore your career values and anchors, consider your personality type, and help you to develop additional confidence in returning to work
  • All sessions are tailored to ensure you have a safe space to explore and test your ideas with no judgement within a holistic approach
  • You will acquire the skills and confidence to independently progress navigate into your next career move.

Total Price: $525.00 per month over 3 months



Please note that we will wait for your gift recipient to contact us to book their first session. We will not reach out first, unless you specifically ask us to.