Making more informed career choices and finding your purpose. How can psychometric testing help?

Are you working in a role that uses your strengths? 

Are your career choices based on your personality profile? 

Are you a parent unsure of how to support your child as they start to make career decisions?


Alex wanted to be a Construction Project Manager, just like his Dad and Uncle. His family supported his decision and had all the right advice (and networks) to help him succeed in the Construction industry. Like many students, career choices are influenced based on the information around us; family, friends, the media and our personal and family expectations. 

A psychometric test revealed to Alex he had high spatial and mechanical aptitudes; and he preferred ‘hands-on’ work. He learns better from practical experience such as projects, case studies and experiments, and has a strong interest in working with ‘things’. 

Alex’s compassionate nature and extrovert personality would match with a role where he could be of service to others while being in an environment which involved teamwork and shared experiences. 

With this type of profile, Alex may enjoy and be successful in technical or commercial roles such as a civil engineer or building surveyor. By gaining insights into his aptitudes, personality and interests, he could consider career opportunities he may not have thought of, or gain some reassurance that he is choosing a pathway that caters to his abilities and strengths. 

Businesses and recruiters use psychometric tests to determine work preferences, and capabilities to ensure potential candidates are the right fit for the job. These tests are comprehensive and reliable, however, they also are providing benefits for students and adults to make more informed choices based on their strengths, aptitudes and personality. 

The Morrisby Profile is a comprehensive psychometric assessment providing a holistic profile encompassing your aptitudes, strengths, preferred work environment, and personality. The tool aligns your profile to potential career options for you to consider with information and resources to investigate further. The Morrisby Profile has assisted with career education for more than 1,500 schools and colleges world-wide to support students in guiding their future choices. The tool has also been valuable for adult career changes with personalised support and guidance towards a more satisfying career. 


Would a Morrisby Profile provide you with some new insights and clarity as you consider your next stage in your career? For more information contact Pro Me today or check out our Morrisby services. Looking forward to hearing from you to chat about how a career assessment will help you identify and achieve your career goals. 


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