Don’t let your social media affect your career!

Have you ever googled yourself? Your presence online is like another resume where hiring managers, employers and recruiters use to learn more about your interests and personality. By monitoring and being aware about what you are sharing publicly, this could be the answer to landing your next career success. 

Here is three easy steps to ensure you are projecting your best online-self and there are no potential deal-breakers: 

  • List all your accounts and delete the ones that you no longer use. 
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the Hiring Manager. Make sure content that isn’t appropriate is no longer accessible to the public. 
  • Ensure your professional brand is consistent with your public online presence. Linked In is a great way to promote your knowledge, interests and skills through commenting/liking/posting about meaningful content. 

Hope your google search didn’t scare you too much! Pro Me are experts in ensuring you are reflecting your personal brand through your online platforms. Contact us today for a chat about some changes you could make that will make a difference!

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